Why is a mentor necessary to succeed in foreign currency (FX) trading? (Part II)

A Forex mentor is by far the best way to go when trying to learn Forex trading. This particular type of trading is becoming increasingly popular and there are many sources of help and information widely available. Some of this information is contradictory, so, understandably, a beginner will struggle to wade through it all to find what will work best for them and how they should get started in the fine art of Forex trading.

By hiring the services of a Forex trading mentor, rather than buying a one-size-fits-all course, you are providing yourself with an initiation to your Forex trading education. If your overall goal is to learn Forex trading, a mentor is a great way to go, mentors have years of their own trading experiences to share with you, plus learning methods that can deviate from the general courses that are marketed to mass audiences. Even better, mentors teach and guide you as an individual and not as one of the masses. They want you to succeed and will present the information to you over and over again until it clicks with you.

Learning Forex doesn’t have to be a lesson in futility. Employing a mentor can make the learning process much faster and provide you with real-life experiences, good and bad, in the market. In the end, you will find that by using the services of a mentor, if you take what you learn to heart, the money will be well spent. Take what your mentor teaches you and it will serve you well. With a mentor, you are not getting a black-and-white instruction sheet, but real-life examples of what to do, not to do, and why these things work or don’t work.

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This is all great, but perhaps the best thing about having a mentor instead of signing up for a typical course of study is getting feedback from a real person who has actually been there and done that instead of someone with a script on the other end of an Internet connection. You get a real flesh and blood person with real experience in the trade instead of a telemarketer trying to sell you the next generation of courses. You get someone who will answer your questions and take the time to explain the whys and wherefores of the not.

While we all have different learning methods that work best for us, I am sure there are very few who would not benefit from the services a mentor has to offer, regardless of what learning style works best for them. I believe you will find a mentor that is well worth every penny and more.